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Where does one buy Pokemon cards? Is there a large market to buy Pokemon cards? Which places will allow me to buy Pokemon cards the cheapest? You may locate a local dealer who may buy Pokemon cards or sells Pokemon cards in the phone book usually under hobby shops or memorabilia stores. If you are an unfortunate person who has no local dealers which allow you to buy Pokemon cards you may look online by doing a simple web search for a dealer who sells or will buy Pokemon cards online. Like anything online you need to be careful who you buy Pokemon cards from. Most card dealers are rated online just like any other business which allows you to see if the business in question is reputable or not. Sometimes dealers who sell or buy Pokemon cards have fell victim and unfortunately decided to buy Pokemon cards that where not authentic or very good counterfeits. Yes even Pokemon cards have been known to be counterfeited and for good reason. When you're in the business to buy Pokemon cards secondhand or even new you need to be well versed in what a dealer who buy Pokemon cards does.

Here is a list of some of the Pokemon card collections as follows to better educate your self with: Majestic Dawn, Diamond & Pearl, Gym Challenge, Neo Revelation, Neo Genesis, Mysterious Treasures, Legends Awakened, HS Undaunted, Heart Gold and Soul silver - HS Triumphant, Call of Legends, Black and White (Base Set), Black and White - Emerging Powers, Black and White - Noble Victories, Black and White- Next Destinies, Black and White- Dark Explorers, Black and White- Dragons Exalted, Black and White- Boundaries Crossed, Black and White- Plasma Storm, Black and White- Plasma Freeze and Black and White-Plasma Blast. Also released was the mini-set Black and White- Dragon Vault. There are many more than this listed online but this was to just name a few. Pokemon originated in Japan and like many things from Japan finally made its way to the states and took the US by storm. Pokemon developed a cult following in US and there are many who would say its that addictive. Pokemon expanded into t-shirts, mugs, posters, movies, TV shows, and so much more. Basic Pokemon is the basis of all card decks (which is essentially 60 cards). Without these essential playing cards a player will not be able to play, since both players start the game by placing a Basic Pokemon in the active position on the playing field.